• How Can The Toy Industry Grasp This New Wind?

    A news that “after 1995, girls got tens of millions of financing for making cotton dolls” brought cotton dolls to the industry. According to the big data of micro store APP, from 2017 to 2020, the number of cotton doll merchants with transaction records rose from less than 400 to near...
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  • What Is The Most Popular Plush Toy For The Beijing Winter Olympics?

    Recently, the International Olympic Committee released the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Marketing Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report). According to data from independent research institutions, a record 2.01 billion people around the world watched the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games t...
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  • What’s The Most Popular Plushies Now? Detachable Turtle And Bee

    Recently one stuffed animlas design is very popular which combines with soft turtle and stuffed honeybee.Why is so hot because it has homophonic name called “guimi” which the same meaning as the best girl friend.Best girfriend has one name in chinese is “guimi” which sounds like two thins:”gui” a...
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  • Cotton Dolls Are New Favorites

    In recent years,a kind of doll called "cotton doll" has gradually appeared in people's field of vision.After blind box dolls and BJD (ball joint dolls),some young people began to raise cotton dolls.The reporter learned that cotton do...
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  • Happy Children’s Day

    Today is the happiest day for our children and they will get many presents from their parents and friends.Children like many many cute things like the candy,toys,pets...As a plush toy manufacturer vendoring,off-course we have many ad...
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  • Happy Labor Day

    Happy Labor Day

    Hello all of our customers,we just resume back to work from 5 days labor holidays,happy Labor Day to everyone again,and wish you all had a nice holiday.   Having spent the holiday means it's almost halfway through the year,as the leader of the company,i arranged a t...
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  • What’s The Name Of Your Stuffed Animals?

    When i was a child my mom and dad always bought me stuffed animals,but different ages with different functions.When i was below 3 years old,they will bought soft baby toy with gutta percha,bell and sound paper to promote my auditory,visual and tactile growth.   When i was grow up to 3 years ...
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  • 131st Session Of China Import And Export Canton Fair

    131st Session Of China Import And Export Canton Fair

    15th-24th April,2022 is the 131st session of China Canton Fair,Canton Fair is always the most important exhibion of trade everyday to communicate with all of the world customers.   Before we have successfully held 65 years Canton Fair offline and facilitated a lot of economic cooperation.But now...
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  • Our Team Building Spring Picnic

    Our Team Building Spring Picnic

    In China it’s warm temperature and good spring time now,all the herbs are new,the grass is green and the flowers are blooming,it’s great time for outing and have a relax. Last weekend,our team organized a team building,chosen a beautiful garden and start a sprin...
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  • Tomb Sweeping Day Of China

    Tomb Sweeping Day Of China

    April 5th is the Tomb Sweeping Day of China,also called Qingming Festival,one of China’s solar term,and we just back to work from a three days holiday. Qingming is an important agricultural season,representing the recovery of all things,has been farming season.Folk Customs have tomb-sweeping,outi...
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  • ISO CPC RESA Audit Factory Hot Sell Wholesale Custom Stuffed Animals Bunny For Kids

    ISO CPC RESA Audit Factory Hot Sell Wholesale Custom Stuffed Animals Bunny For Kids

        Hi all friends,here comes our this week new style fluffy rabbit soft plushies.Even the bunny is one of the symbols of Easter so it’s very popular at Easter.But as a prolific animal, the rabbit symbolizes the revival of spring and the birth of new life,...
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  • Adorable Cuddle Bear Pillow Wholesale Teddy Bear Unique Stuffed Animals For Girls

    Adorable Cuddle Bear Pillow Wholesale Teddy Bear Unique Stuffed Animals For Girls

    Here comes our new style which is called Andi bear,the bear soft toy pillow is always the most popular animals in the market,so we always keep studying new styles to support our customers.   ★The animal teddies have five colors:black/blue/brown/pink/green,and have t...
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